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Francis Education Center


A place where your child can grow and learn and take their first steps in having a bright future!

We, here at the Francis Education Center, see and understand the importance in providing each child the necessary resources to learn and grow. Through center based play time as well as lesson plan activities, our students are able to practice daily life activities as well as learn everything they need to be ready for the next level. We want to make sure that all our students learn and develop the right habits that will help them in both the classroom setting as well as at home.


Not only does our center focus on your child, but we also make sure to get you, the parent, invovled as well. Francis Education Center hosts many different events such as Carnvials, open house, and most importantly, workshops. We want to make sure that every parent is informed on anything that would involve his or her child.


Francis Education Center would like to extend out an invitation to you and ask you to come see what's in store for you and your child first hand.



We would love to meet you! 

Give us a call:


Our Staff

We have a great group of teachers and assistants here at the Francis Education Center. Every teacher and assistant goes above and beyond to ensure that every child is receiving everything he or she needs to grow and be educated. All of the work that is done is derived from each member's love, passion and desire to educate children and help set the way for a bright future.


As parents, we understand that you want nothing but the best for your child. This is why we expect to provide nothing but the best teachers to educate your child. All of our Head Teachers have at least the teacher certfication and all of our assistants have at least a year experience in working with children.


They hope to meet and talk to you in person!



In The


Have you met...

Nak Bog Kim - Mrs. Kim is the current director here at Francis Education Center and has over 20 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education as well as Special Education.

Sam Kim - Mr. Kim is the Manager and currently handles all office duties.




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